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CRYSTALS are very old -often millions of years old. The traditions associated with them are many and ancient. Mainly people used and worn Crystals for protection, health and to attract virtues.

Today, Scientists have proven that crystals do have energy and vibrations. Crystals are able to Store, Amplify, Transform, Focus and Transfer energy known as Piezoelectric effect. They are widely used in computers, ultrasound devices, watches, communication system, laser technology etc.

Because of these properties, Crystals can help to balance ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. In today's society, Stress is the main contributor of imbalances in our body energy. Stress is resulted from family problems, sour relationships, money, status, social expectations, personal loss etc. These cause emotion upset and unstable mind. Further, Stress can be manifested in physical form. Studies show that Stress, directly or indirectly, causes migraine, insomnia, mood swings, nervous tensions. In serious cases, it resulted in cancers, artery disease, ulcers, respiratory disorders etc.

CRYSTALS can help us handle Stress by balancing our reaction to stress input. The Keyword is BALANCE. The flow of electrons through the crystal combined with its ability to resonate with, amplify, and transmute our energy can be a powerful and positive energy tool for working on your body, mind and soul. learn how to use them to:

Improve your physical health and manifestation of abundance. Bring the emotion level into balance. Enhance your meditation and spiritual pursuits.

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